Spring 2016 Measurement Survey

We appreciate your insights into measurement and Phase Ruler. So answer the short survey below, and we'll enter you in a drawing for $180 on April 15, 2016.

Your Current Measuring Tools
How often do you measure distance and/or slope?
What distances do you typically measure now?
Check all that apply.
If your existing tools limit your ability to measure, what distances would you like to be able to measure?
Check all that apply.
What precision does your job require?
What measuring tools do you use?
Check all that apply.
What do you like about your current tools?
Check all that apply.
Phase Ruler Feedback
Answer the questions in this section if you saw a demonstration or watched the video.
Would these features be interesting to you?
Check all that apply.
Would you pay a $10 monthly subscription fee for the features above?
Given its functionality, what would you expect to pay for this tool?
Given the price you checked above, would you purchase Phase Ruler?
Would Phase Ruler save you time on your jobs?
Would Phase Ruler save you money on your jobs?
How is the Phase Ruler screen size?
How rugged did Phase Ruler seem?
How often would you expect to recharge the battery?
How easy did you find Phase Ruler to use?
How long would expect Phase Ruler to training take?
How should we provide training?
Check all that interest you.
Contact Information
Our technical staff may contact you with questions about your feedback, but we'll never try to sell you anything!

(Also complete this section to be entered in the $180 drawing.)